Congrats to Donna, Harrison, Joon, Matt, Linxue, and many other talented trainees who drove these analyses.

Our autism sequencing study from the Simons Simplex Collection is out in @NatureGenet. Remarkable team effort from an outstanding group of collaborators.

Our study of XDP is out in @CellCellPress. Severe Mendelian disorder from an isolate population that involves dystonia and Parkinsonism, a unique SVA-driven mechanism, and great international team science. Thanks to all. Cell Preview:

Congratulations to Nicholas Katsanis on being awarded the 2017 Curt Stern Award

Congratulations to @dgmacarthur on being awarded the ASHG Inaugural Early-Career Award

A preprint of our genomic study of XDP is now posted to biorxiv and Cell Press Sneak-Peek.

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