The scientific community just collectively exhaled - @JoeBiden approach:

-Ask 5 big questions

-Find a leader @eric_lander @broadinstitute

-Assemble a stellar team @maria_zuber @NIHDirector et al.

-Provide structural support (cabinet)

-Solve problems

We are opening a new faculty search in the Center for Genomic Medicine (CGM) @MassGeneral!! Our faculty are appointed through @harvardmed and engaged in a broad spectrum of genomics research. See @CGM_MGH for details. Applications due Feb 1, 2021.


The Center for Genomic Medicine @MassGeneralNews is opening a new faculty search!! Please visit for details. Applications due Feb 1, 2021. @MGH_RI

The CGM wants to thank all of our speakers for participating in our fall Seminar Series, and for sharing their insight and continued research in the field! We are grateful for you to have joined us and we are eager to have you back! #Genomics #MassGeneralHospital #HMS

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