Center for Genomic Medicine

The Center for Genomic Medicine is leading an effort to complete the genomic medicine cycle – from genetic discoveries to mechanism to the clinic – by assessing where genomic medicine will have the greatest impact on human health, and by driving efforts to implement genomic medicine in those areas, at MGH and beyond.

The cycle is a paradigm for disease research that begins by comparing human phenotypes and genetic variation to identify genes of importance in human disease, then moves on to characterizing the mechanisms by which the underlying DNA differences lead to disease, and is completed when the knowledge gained delivers benefit back to patients in the forms of improved diagnosis, disease management, and treatments.

In addition to our genomics laboratory at MGH and the Broad Institute, Dr. Talkowski is the founding director of the Genomics and Technology Core of MGH, which seeks to develop new technologies and provide molecular and computational genomics capabilities to the local and external research community. We also have a large network of collaborations within the MGH, Harvard, Broad Institute, and MIT communities, as well as external collaboration throughout the US and internationally.