Introducing Dr. Ryan Collins! Ryan recently received his PhD from Harvard’s Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics program.

His thesis, The Landscape and Consequences of Structural Variation in the Human Genome, represents only a sliver of the work Ryan has accomplished in his nine years as a member of the lab, first joining us as a post-bac and staying on through graduate school.

He has contributed to 43 publications while in the lab. Highlights include A cross-disorder dosage sensitivity map of the human genomeA structural variation reference for medical and population genetics, and Defining the diverse spectrum of inversions, complex structural variation, and chromothripsis in the morbid human genome. See his personal website or GitHub for more information about his research and the resources he has developed!

While we are sad to see Ryan go, we are thrilled for him to begin the next phase of his career as a postdoc in Dr. Eli Van Allen’s lab at Dana Farber where he will study germline cancer risk factors.

Expect more collaborations from our lab and Dr. Collins as he will remain a key researcher for our gnomAD SV initiatives.

Congrats on a well-deserved degree and an impressive body of work Ryan!